Post Erecting made easy with



Required Tools and Materials

Setting Up

Post Erecting Set Up

Amount of Speed Set to use

DryPak Speed Set Water required Yield (wet material)
5 kg 0.5 litres 2.5 litres of concrete
10 kg 1.1 litres 5 litres of concrete
20 kg 2.2 litres 10 litres of concrete
30 kg 3.2 litres 15 litres of concrete

Amount of water to use

Placing the Speed Set

  1. Place the bag of DryPak Speed Set next to the hole and open the corner.
  2. Pour the measured water from the bucket into the hole.

Post Erecting add water before

  1. Without delay, pour the required amount of DryPak Speed Set Concrete into the hole, ensuring an even distribution around the post.
  2. DO NOT MIX - DryPak Speed Set Concrete is designed not to be mixed and will set in 20-30 minutes.
  3. Using the spirit level, ensure the post is vertical and readjust the supports if necessary.

Post Erecting user Spirit Level

  1. ALWAYS add DryPak Speed Set to water.
    NEVER add water to DryPak Speed Set.
  2. Once you are happy with the position of the post, leave it undisturbed for at least 45 minutes before removing any supports.
  3. The top of the concrete will appear to be dry, however water will be absorbed up through the material.
  4. If more than 1 bag of DryPak Speed Set is required, repeat steps 1 - 5 within five minutes of placing the previous bag.
  5. Do not apply an unbraced load (such as fencing material or pergola roofing) for at least 24 hours. Any lateral force during this curing period may disturb the base and make the post unsteady.
  6. If, after 24 hours, the top of the concrete is still dry, sprinkle the top of the hole with 500 ml of water.

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