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Required Tools and Materials

Setting Up

Compact the sand

Placing the Pavers

Edging the Pavers

Compact the sand

Applying the Pave Set

  1. DryPak Pave Set SHOULD NOT be applied on damp or wet pavers or used around swimming pools or areas that will be constantly saturated as it DOES NOT prevent water from penetrating through the gaps to the substrate.
  2. DryPak Pave Set SHOULD NOT be applied to the paved area if rain is forecast within 24 hours.
  3. Ensure pavers are dry by covering a small area with plastic for 24 hours. After 24 hours inspect the underside of the plastic for moisture. This is essential if pavers are freshly made or have been subject to recent rain.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the layout of your pavers, the edges are in place and the pavers are dry, pour the DryPak Pave Set evenly over the paved area until the gaps between the pavers are filled. A good practise is to pour the DryPak Pave Set along the joints to minimise the potential for segregation of the polymer from the sand.
  5. Using a rubber mallet and board (or plate compactor where appropriate) compact the pavers by approximately 10mm.
  6. Pour more DryPak Pave Set into the joints as the compaction will have compressed the DryPak Pave Set in the gaps.
  7. Compact the paved area again using the mallet and board (or plate compactor where appropriate).
  8. All excess DryPak Pave Set must be removed from the area including the DryPak Pave Set in the bevelled wedge. (Excess DryPak Pave Set left on the surface of the pavers may stain when sprayed with water). Using a blower ensure that all residue is removed from the top of the pavers.
  9. Using clean water, gradually wet the area with a fine spray so that the water consolidates the DryPak Pave Set. Do not flood the area or use high pressure water that may wash the DryPak Pave Set from the gaps.
  10. After 10 minutes soak the area again with water thoroughly without using high pressure.
  11. After a further 10 minutes thoroughly soak the area again with water to allow the water to penetrate to the full depth of the pavers.
  12. After soaking, allow the DryPak Pave Set time to dry out. This drying process is essential to allow the DryPak Pave Set to gel sufficiently. DryPak Pave Set will NOT go hard. It will gel to a firm surface when dry.
  13. During periods of wet weather or high humidity, the DryPak Pave Set could take several days to gel.
  14. The paved area should be ready for use after 24 hours. This time may vary depending of the weather conditions and the depth of the pavers.
  15. You may need to top up the gaps every year, especially after heavy rains. To do this clean out the gap before applying the DryPak Pave Set into the gaps and soak as described in steps 9, 10 & 11 above.

Compact the sand

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