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Required Tools and Materials

Setting Up

Concreting set up

Mixing the Concrete

  1. Empty the bag of DryPak General Purpose Concrete into a wheelbarrow.
  2. Using the bucket, gradually add water (as per table below) and mix thoroughly.
  3. DO NOT add too much water - this will weaken the concrete.

per bag
per bag
at 50 mm
at 100 mm
at 150 mm
20 kg 2.0 L 8.5 L 6 12 18 118
30 kg 3.0 L 13.0 L 4 8 12 77
Mixing the concrete

Placing the Concrete

  1. All concrete must be placed within 45 minutes of mixing.
  2. Using a shovel, place the concrete into the boxed area, slightly overfilling.
  3. Try to spread out the concrete as you go, lightly packing down the concrete with the shovel.
  4. Once the area is filled, use the screeding rail (or heavy wooden plank) to screed the concrete. Screeding is done by dragging a rail or plank across the surface of the concrete in a sawing motion to ensure a level surface is achieved.

Screeding rail

Finishing the Concrete

  1. Once the concrete has been levelled, joints may need to be inserted to prevent cracking. Joints should be used for pathways and slabs larger than 4 m x 4 m.
  2. For a path, use the jointing tool to cut across the surface to a depth of 1/3 the thickness of the concrete, at intervals 1.5 times the width of the path.
  3. If needed, run the grooving tool over each joint to give it a smooth finish.
  4. Leave the concrete for 30 minutes, or until the surface water has disappeared, before you finish your concrete.
  5. Rub the wooden float over the surface to finish the concrete.

Finishing the Concrete

  1. You can now create one of the following textures for your slab:
    1. Smooth - use a steel trowel to obtain a shiny finish.
    2. Rough - gently drag a stiff bristled broom across the slab.
  2. Run the edging tool around the edges of the concrete to prevent chipping.

Curing the Concrete

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